The Best Of

by Piss Shy

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released April 5, 2016

Recorded by Nathaniel Kiser at Sleeping Partner Studios
Mixed by Rob Sarabia
Mastered by Dennis Bowen



all rights reserved


Piss Shy Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Church Channel Rerun
I’ll sit here
But I won’t stand with you
I’ll share my fears if and when you show your face
But I’m not sure if you’re dead, I’m not sure if I’m afraid yet

I fell in love when I turned the page
Eyes rolled back, I became a saint

I gave you the world, and I’ve done it before
You fell in reverse and came to a crash but I’m so exhausted anyway

Eyes rolled back, I became a saint
I’ve been enlightened, it felt the same
I found love and I so I say
I fell in love and it’s all the same
Oh, Lord
I’ve never seen you anyway

Eyes rolled back, I became a saint
I turned back when he said “you’ll see”
I won’t see what’s inside, don’t want to
If I have to die

Though you made all things good, it’s bad I swear
My hands tied, I lost blood, it felt so good

Maybe we’ll go and find us some place in the cold
Maybe what we need is there
Maybe we’ll stay warmer than we think

I know you’re tired
I say let’s just pack and go
I’ll go, if you go first
It’s not a crime to turn and run the other way

You fell down beside yourself and it’s a shame
Track Name: Synapse
I can’t move anymore
What’s it all for?
I’ve got no blood in my veins, or energy.

Life into your lungs
Acid Spit
Sandpaper tongue
Hands in your pockets and your friends are bored
And that joke ain’t funny anymore

To die
Why can’t I just fall asleep?
But if I die
I’ll let you know
It’s all a dream
A dream

Life into your lungs
Sin breeds sin
Death takes its toll
Brain’s out of socket and you’ve been reborn
And that joke just ain’t funny anymore

Stay wherever you are
Don’t wander too far
I wash my hands of this
Do what I tell you, boy, don’t get me pissed
Well I searched the corners and the folds
Let’s all go home

Life into your lungs
Acid Spit
Sandpaper tongue
Hands in your pockets and your friends are bored
And that joke ain’t funny anymore
Track Name: Model Citizen
Soon enough those leaves will fall away
And you’ll choke
I choke
Choke on the boredom, I’m obsessed
So let’s runaway and bore each other to death
And I’ll accept I know nothing
I know nothing about myself at all
Let’s pretend life’s still beautiful
You know it’s not for you
We know nothing about struggling
Mine don’t mean anything
So me and you without a doubt have to see
It’s not about dignity
I think it’s time for you and me to turn this thing around, yeah?
You’ll be the first to say, “Glad it didn’t happen to me!”
And though my faith has died, I’ll pray for you too.

Greed has took its toll on you!
Before I shut it down can I provide a last desire or request?
Can I provide you fame or cocaine?
Enough, enough
Stop, cut, end scene
I call foul, I call game
Time, Wait
I call foul, I call game
I call foul, I call game
Track Name: Live Studio Audience
I sit here
From head
To feet
Sink out of my skin
All muscles and nerves
Digested and chewed

I’ll blame
One on you
This one on you

Do you even understand?
From your arms, threads extend

I may just be full of shit
But I know I’ll never quit
I’ll draw blood
I guess I’ll blame this one on you

I’ll draw blood
Track Name: Dot Dot Dash
No eyes
No face
I think I finally found it
I think I’ll try it again
I think I’m feeling failure
I talk myself to sleep

I searched the world and found that
You’ll never find what you’re looking for
What’s in your head is worthless
Guess nothings’ fucking sacred anymore

When you found God
Yes I’m reborn!
I’m not lost anymore!

You know I was a baby crawling
Inside, I died in my home
I feel it, I feel it, I swear
I swear it he’s there. I swear it, I swear
Yeah, I gave up on you
I can’t sleep anyway